Commercial Property Consultants

Commercial Property Consultants


Partner Real Estate specialises in commercial real estate, advising, purchasing, selling, letting and sourcing commercial properties on your behalf. Our two founding partners have worked together for more than 26 years, and offer a partnership you can rely on. They are an established and experienced team that is well-versed in the services offered and provides practice-oriented advice.

Trust and transparency: this is the basis for a long-term and successful relationship. We look forward to getting to know you.



We offer many years of letting and sourcing experience to property owners and tenants alike. Our service is based on a profound understanding of the market, an extensive international network and excellent negotiation skills. When looking for new office space, you will have the best local market knowledge and experience at your fingertips. We will gladly provide consultation for selecting the best locations and properties for your company, negotiating rental agreements, and navigating tenancy law or structural engineering.


We offer an investment experience all throughout Switzerland. Your property or portfolio will be strategically positioned in order to generate the best possible yield. This includes pinpointing the potential for capital growth and detecting particular risks to determine your asset’s ideal market position. Your property will be presented in its best condition during viewings with potential buyers.


Letting and sourcing retail properties demands considerable experience and confidence in flawless and transparent contract negotiations. We advise property owners and tenants on establishing rental fees, renegotiating lease agreements or when looking for an appropriate new tenant. We know our way around the high streets of big cities and thanks to our extensive international network, we have direct access to the decision makers of the biggest brands.


We can apply long-term experience to development projects in all areas. We advise property owners regarding use and economic efficiency. We consider not only urban planning aspects, but also architectural concepts, both of which can influence use of space. Our background in the consultation of various development projects (residential/office/retail) means you can rely on us as committed and competent partners in expert panels and discussions.


Knight Frank has more than 20,000 employees and is one of the world’s leading providers of property services, with its headquarters in London.

The firm was established in 1896 and has been represented in the Swiss commercial sector by Partner Real Estate AG since 2014. We actively pursue partnerships which gives us a large number of contacts at internationally-operating companies that require property services in Switzerland.


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